Have a nutritionist by your side 24/7.
Ask your questions and get the most accurate answers within a day!

On-call Nutritionist

We have a team of nutritionists and health professionals, who are on-call and ready to answer your nutritional questions and give you tips to live a healthier life! 

no app!

You don’t need to install a new app. We are already on your phone. If you have a Facebook messenger, send us a message and register in our program today!

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If you have family member or a friend, who has a health condition or going through a new situation (e.g. newly parents), what could be better than hiring a 24/7 nutrition assistant! 

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On-call nutritionist

Ask your questions any time and get the best response in less than 24 hours.

Great gift

Buy our service as a gift for your loved ones to show them their health and well being is important for you.

No App

Installing a new app and learning how to work with it is one of the common concerns for people specially for older ages. We are already on your phone! Open your Facebook messenger and start the conversation.

Amazingly responsive

Our team have a great experience and well trained. They are here to help you live a healthier life.

Real time chat

You can book a real time session with our nutritionists and have them by your side during the groceries shopping or other events that you think it could be helpful.

Easy to use interface

We are here to make your daily life easier and healthier. It is our aim to give you the best experience in our platform.


Makes your life healthier and easier!