Two-way Communication

Personalized, semi-Automated

Semi-Automated Messaging

Each user chats with City+ to send and receive text, voice, image, video, file, location messages. City+ uses automation and Artificial Intelligence technologies to facilitate personalized two-way mass communication. City+ uses Instant Mini Web App as a message within Facebook to communicate with users on more complex interactions. 

Mini Web apps

City+ uses Mini Web Apps to manage complex interactions. Mini Web App opens inside web-views inside Facebook apps, which can facilitate endless types of requests and workflows. It works on various devices and communication channels. Each Mini app can scale to analyze and connect millions of requests and services in real time.

Enterprise Solutions


We can deploy and manage our communication solution for your brand, powered by the same technology developed for City+. City+ solutions enable an organization and brand to build a long term relationship and have personalized communication with a large number of people. In addition, the users will not need to download a new app, visit a website, and make phone calls to get and stay connected to the organization.

City+ Emergency

After an emergency, millions of people need to communicate their needs, report incidents, and get personalize services. The post-disaster period would last for months and a two-way personalized communication with each citizen is critical. No call centres can manage this.

Next Gen 311

Many cities receive millions of phone calls for civic requests every month. City+ can help reduce the number of incoming calls and/or make them shorter. Every phone call is an opportunity for City+ to connect with citizens on Facebook and stay connected forever for critical mass communication.

Professional Services

Social Campaigns

Data modelling and AI

Perception Management

Advanced Programming

Decision Support

Reputation Management

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