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Clean Growth Hub

Canada’s clean technology advantage

The global transition to a low-carbon, low-pollution and resource-efficient economy is an economic opportunity for Canada. Canada’s clean technology developers and adopters are well positioned to compete and win in this global market. That’s why Budget 2017 announced more than $3.3

Dedicated help for clean technology projects

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Get advice from our team of experts from across government who can help you find and understand what programs and services may be right for you. Whether you’re in the early stages of research, conducting technology demonstration or growing your business and exporting, the Clean

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When you connect with us, we’ll ask you for some basic details about your company and your project. We’ll review your information and get back to you, answering any of your questions and connecting you to the programs and services that may be right for you. We can also help answer questions regarding policy, regulatory

The Clean Growth Hub is a whole-of-government focal point for clean technology focused on supporting companies and projects, coordinating programs and tracking results. The Hub also advances the Clean Technology and Innovation pillar of the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change, and is part of the Innovation and Skills Executive Plan.

Explore support available

Federal ecosystem of support for clean technology PDF – 114 KB

Click through the innovation stages of the interactive PDF to explore the support available to clean technology developers and adopters.

Clean technology programs and INCENTIVES

Here are a few of the main programs and initiatives that are specifically geared toward supporting clean technology projects:

Currently available

Research, development and demonstration
Agricultural Clean Technology Program The Program is a $25-million, three-year investment (2018 — 2021), which supports clean technology activities across the innovation continuum through investments in, and promotion of precision agriculture and agri-based bioproducts.

Support is available in the form of non-repayable contributions.

Projects must be completed by March 31, 2021.

Accepting applications from:

  • Provincial and territorial governments in Canada
  • For-profit and not-for-profit organizations that are incorporated in Canada. They may include:
    • businesses and/or corporations
    • co-operatives
    • Indigenous groups
    • academic institutions
Sustainable Development Technology Canada — SD Tech Fund The SD Tech Fund supports the development and demonstration of pre-commercial clean technologies (renewed with $400 million over five years in Budget 2017). Applications are accepted on a continuous basis.
The Sky’s the Limit Challenge

(Under the Impact Canada Initiative)

The Challenge will stimulate the development of sustainable aviation fuel supply chains so that the Canadian aviation industry can further reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and lower the flying public’s environmental footprint.

  • The Cross-Canada Flight Competition offers a $1 million prize to the first participant to fuel a Canadian commercial flight using a minimum 10% blend of made-in-Canada biojet fuel.
The Cross Canada Flight Competition closes on January 1, 2021.
Canadian Agricultural Strategic Priorities Program Canadian Agricultural Strategic Priorities Program (CASPP) is an investment of $50.3 million over five years to help facilitate the sector’s ability to address emerging issues and capitalize on opportunities. The CASPP focuses on four priority areas: adoption of new technology; environmental sustainability; strategic development and capacity building; and, emerging issues. Now accepting applications from:

  • non-profit organizations and associations
  • co-operatives
  • marketing boards
  • Indigenous groups
Zero Plastic Waste Initiative The Zero Plastic Waste Initiative aims to effect change across the plastics lifecycle to increase waste collection, improve value recovery, and prevent and remove plastic pollution. It supports projects that use innovative approaches leading to measurable, positive impacts to reduce plastic waste and pollution in Canada. Application deadline of March 2, 2020.
Innovative Solutions Canada Through the Innovative Solutions Canada Challenge Stream, the Government of Canada invites small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to propose innovations that address specific government challenges. In Phase 1, successful applicants may receive up to $150,000 to develop a proof of concept. If accepted into Phase 2, SMEs could receive an additional $1 million to develop a working prototype. Check out the site for the current list of challenges.
Plastics Challenge – Textiles and Microfibers

(under Innovative Solutions Canada)

Seeking an innovative solution to the challenge of plastic waste from textiles and microfibres in Canada. Application deadline of April 14, 2020.
Plastics Challenge – Sustainable Alternatives to Plastic Packaging

(under Innovative Solutions Canada)

Seeking an alternative reusable or recyclable product that can replace one or more “challenging” single-use plastic product(s). Application deadline of April 14, 2020.
Plastics Challenge – E-Waste

(under Innovative Solutions Canada)

Seeking a solution that will reduce the environmental impact of e-waste in Canada. Application deadline of April 14, 2020.
Plastics Challenge – In-situ Sensing Technology for Monitoring Microplastics in the Marine Environment

(under Innovative Solutions Canada)

Seeking in situ sensing technology for identification and quantification of microplastics in water. Application deadline of April 14, 2020.
Plastics Challenge – Diverting End of Life Vehicle Plastics from Landfills

(under Innovative Solutions Canada)

Seeking technologies that will enable the diversion of End of Life Vehicles (ELVs) plastics from landfills and their conversion into valuable materials and/or molecules. Application deadline of April 18, 2020.
Outdoor Air Purifier

(under Innovative Solutions Canada)

Seeking a solution that will aid in the purification of air in areas around Global Affairs Canada buildings where there is excessive smoke exposure. Application deadline of April 16, 2020.
Eco-friendly Waste Converter

(under Innovative Solutions Canada)

Seeking an eco-friendly way of self managing garbage disposal on site that is self fueling and does not involve external transportation. Application deadline of April 16, 2020.
Plastics Challenge – Recycled Plastic Ceiling Tiles

(under Innovative Solutions Canada)

Seeking a solution that will contribute to the circular economy by recycling plastic into celling tiles and that meet a high safety standard with no chemical emissions. Application deadline of April 21, 2020.
Energy Producing Window Coverings

(under Innovative Solutions Canada)

Seeking a window covering that, as well as reducing glare, will contribute to greater energy efficiency. Application deadline of April 21, 2020.
Growing your clean technology company
Business Development Bank of Canada Making available both new equity and debt financing to help promising clean technology firms grow and invest in assets, inventory, talent and market expansion. Contact BDC’s Cleantech practice to talk about investment possibilities.
Export Development Canada Specialized project finance to help advance high-impact clean technology projects. Contact EDC to discuss your project.
Exporting your technology
International Business Development Strategy for Clean Technology The Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) will deliver an international business development strategy to help Canadian clean technology firms become world leaders and capitalize on growing global market opportunities. Contact the Clean Technology Team.
Cleantech Global Workshop Series The TCS will work with export partners to deliver a series of workshops across Canada over the next three years to tell clean technology and green infrastructure firms about government programs that can help them capitalize on growing global market opportunities. Contact the Clean Technology Team.
Climate Finance Business Development The TCS will deliver services to better prepare Canadian firms to take advantage of the significant business opportunities generated by climate finance in emerging markets. Contact the Climate Finance Business Development Team.
Canadian Commercial Corporation Helps Canadian clean tech exporters gain access to foreign procurement markets through a government to government contracting approach. Contact the Clean Technology Team.
Adoption of market-ready technologies
Fisheries and Aquaculture Clean Technology Adoption Program Assists industry-driven adoption or adaptation of market-ready clean technologies, processes and/or sustainable practices in the operation of aquaculture facilities, wild capture harvesting and seafood processing to improve environmental performance. Now accepting expressions of interest and complete applications.
The Northern Responsible Energy Approach for Community Heat and Electricity (REACHE) program The Northern REACHE program provides $10.7 million over two years (starting in 2016-2017), and $53.5 million over ten years (starting in 2018-2019) for reducing Northern communities’ reliance on diesel for heating and electricity by increasing the use of local renewable energy sources and energy efficiency. Applications are accepted on a continuous basis.
Zero Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program Funding to deploy a network of zero-emission vehicle charging (level 2 and higher) and refuelling stations in more localized areas where Canadians live, work and play ($130 million over five years, 2019-2024). Support is also available for strategic projects for electric vehicle and/or hydrogen infrastructure for corporate fleets, last-mile delivery fleets, and mass transit. Request for Proposals deadline of May 12, 2020.

Targets projects in multi-unit residential buildings, workplaces and for light-duty vehicle fleets only.

General innovation measures
Strategic Innovation Fund Provides financial support to projects that will improve Canada’s innovation performance while providing economic, innovation and public benefits to Canadians.

Stream 1: Encourage R&D that will accelerate technology transfer and commercialization of innovative products, processes and services;

Stream 2: Facilitate the growth and expansion of firms in Canada;

Stream 3: Attract and retain large scale investments to Canada; and

Stream 5: Support large-scale, national innovation ecosystems through high impact collaborations across Canada.

Open for applications on a continuous basis.

Past programming and initiatives

Learn about the Government of Canada’s action on clean growth.

Breakthrough Energy Solutions Canada (BESC)

(Under the Energy Innovation Program)

BESC, an investment of up to $30 million, is a public–private initiative aimed at accelerating the development of clean energy technologies in the electricity, transportation, buildings and manufacturing sectors with the potential for substantial pollution reductions globally.
Clean Growth in the Natural Resources Program Clean technology research, development and demonstration projects in Canada’s energy, mining and forest sectors ($155 million over four years).

Funding is allocated to projects that receive support from provinces and territories.

Green Infrastructure programs National programs are investing more than $800 million in the demonstration and deployment of green infrastructure. Of this amount, approximately $481 million will be available for deployment projects across four streams: smart grids, renewables, reduction of diesel use in rural and remote communities, and electric vehicle infrastructure.
Impact Canada Initiative The Women in Cleantech Challenge offers six women an opportunity to develop their idea into a marketable cleantech solution and compete for a $1 million prize.

The Sky’s the Limit Challenge stimulates the development of sustainable aviation fuel supply chains so that the Canadian aviation industry can further reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and lower the flying public’s environmental footprint. The Challenge consists of two competitions open to a range of innovators:

  • The Green Aviation Fuels Innovation Competition provides $2 million a piece for four teams who develop the most innovative solutions, which, in turn, will support their next endeavour: an 18-month competition to produce the most economical and environmentally sustainable aviation fuel and win the $5-million grand prize.

The Power Forward Challenge awards six teams up to $3 million to demonstrate solutions that can best integrate diverse energy resources into the existing grid in the most flexible, reliable and secure way. The team with the highest-performing technology will be awarded an additional $1 million. Each team must include both Canadian and British innovators.

The Crush It! Challenge provides $10 million to support a breakthrough innovative process to crush and grind, or otherwise liberate valuable minerals from extracted rock.

The Generating New Opportunities: Indigenous Off-diesel Initiative provides $20 million to support remote Indigenous communities move away from using diesel by developing cleaner community-led energy projects.

The Hull Efficiency Design Challenge provides up to $740,000 to support the development of an innovative hull that maximizes energy efficiency, lowers operational costs and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

The Charging the Future Challenge provides $5.5 million to accelerate the most promising Canadian battery innovations from lab to market.

Innovation Superclusters Initiative Strategic investment of nearly $1 billion to strengthen up to five of Canada’s most promising clusters. This is a cooperative effort where private sector, academic institutions, not for profits and others come together to energize economies and create stable, well-paying jobs.

Canada’s new superclusters have been announced. Learn more about how to get involved.

Low Carbon Economy Fund (LCEF) Funding to support Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change commitments related to buildings, the industrial sector, agriculture and forestry and other priorities. The LCEF supports market-ready technologies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The Leadership Fund ($1.4 billion) was open to provinces and territories.

The Low Carbon Economy Challenge was broken into two streams: Champions stream ($450 million) and Partnerships stream ($50 million).

Clean technology data strategy

The Government is taking action to improve collection and reporting activities related to clean technology in Canada. https//



February 21, 2020 New supercluster project will kick-start marine economy start-ups in Atlantic Canada
February 14, 2020 Canada Invests in Ontario’s Electric Vehicle Network
February 14, 2020 Customizable industrial electric vehicles manufactured in Sherbrooke
February 13, 2020 Sarnia not-for-profit expands its support for clean technology
February 12, 2020 Government of Canada supports small businesses developing innovative solutions to plastic pollution
February 12, 2020 Brandon University upgrades research facility to support clean technology in Manitoba
February 12, 2020 Breakthrough Energy Solutions Canada Winners Announced
February 12, 2020 World-class ocean technology sector strengthens Atlantic Canada’s economy
February 11, 2020 Government of Canada announces support for the City of Peterborough’s Climate Action Initiatives
February 11, 2020 Canada Invests in Clean Technology for Sudbury Mining Industry
February 6, 2020 Canadian communities receive federal support for sustainability projects
February 4, 2020 Hull Design Efficiency Challenge finalists announced
February 4, 2020 Canadian Innovation Leads to Greener Insulation Products
January 29, 2020 Research Project Focusing on Province-specific Solutions for Sustainable Agriculture
January 18, 2020 sniper.robustchoice
January 16, 2020 Guelph residents to benefit from improved green public transit infrastructure
January 15, 2020


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